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Sleep – Now What?

by Lindsea Willon, MS, NTP If you’ve been following our articles for the past couple of months, you understand the importance of sleep. And if you have trouble getting to sleep, you understand why melatonin isn’t your best option. This last installment in our sleep series is designed to help you understand why you may … Learn More

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Melatonin – Misused & Misunderstood

Last month we talked about the relationship of sleep to cortisol. This month is about the “sleep hormone” melatonin, which is produced by the brain during sleep. Levels of this hormone peak in the middle of the night, and decrease rapidly when you are exposed to light[1].  Changing levels of melatonin in your body help regulate … Learn More

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Cortisol and the Endless Summer

by Lindsea Willon, MS, NTP “Cortisol” has become a buzz word among the sleep deprived, the overweight and the WebMD user.  Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress.  If your stress is immediate, as in “that car just cut me off and I almost died” or as it was … Learn More

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