Did you know that deep breathing speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight?  In fact, your body needs oxygen to burn fat.  If you are deficient, your body will create the type of cells that don’t need as much oxygen.  These are fat cells.  According to Pam Grout in Jumpstart Your Metabolism, breathing in more oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide can also improve your energy level and reduce stress, especially anxiety.

Breathing properly also helps your body remove toxins.

About 70% of the toxins from cellular metabolism normally exit through your lungs.  This is hampered by shallow breathing.  Toxins are acidic causing your acid-alkaline balance to move to the acid side of the scale which can create water retention.  Your body will retain water to dilute toxins.  So, to rid yourself of that extra water weight, breathe!  Breathe into your belly throughout the day.  There are many different breathing exercises in Jumpstart Your Metabolism to help you get back on track.

Deep breathing along with a nourishing traditional diet, appropriate exercise, emotional health and gentle detoxification are the keys to a happy, healthy life!  Please contact Biodynamic Wellness at (858) 259-6000 if you need assistance attaining a higher level of health and well being.

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