Breast Cancer & Thermography

pinkribbonforkOctober is national Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This is a perfect time to increase your awareness of supportive steps that can be taken to lower your risk of cancer.  In addition to the seven simple steps listed below, learn about thermography, a safe, non-invasive tool to assess inflammation in the tissues, including the breasts.


Thermography is an infared thermal image that is taken by a camera that captures images of heat coming from the skin. There is no radiation involved and it does not have any risks.

To learn more, read what our friend Jeremy Kaslow, M.D. has to say about the effectiveness and safety of thermography, Thermography by Dr. Kaslow. If you would like a local referral for a thermography, give us a call.

Genetic Testing

In addition to utilizing thermography for assessing inflammation, genetic testing offers a better understanding of possible inherent weaknesses in ones liver’s ability to eliminate environmental toxins. According to the American Cancer Society and the National Institute of Health, 90-95% of all cancers are the result of environmental toxins and stress. This should encourage each of us to clean up the toxins that we expose ourself to on a daily basis and make steps towards minimizing emotional and physical stress in our life.

The following recommendations are a good starting point for achieving optimal health.:


  1. Enjoy a diet that emphasizes traditional fats like butter, ghee, duck or goose fat, lard, coconut oil, and unrefined olive oil.
  2. Include moderate amounts of protein from wild and pastured sources with generous helpings of organic vegetables and fruits in season.
  3. Always include lacto-fermented or cultured dairy at each day to support a healthy micro biome.
  4. Avoid all process foods, including soy, sugar, and low fat dairy products.
  5. All grains, nuts, and legumes in the diet should be properly soaked and prepared. Improperly prepared grains are the number one cause of gut disorders that are too pervasive in our modern culture. For instructions on how to prepare grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds read our instructions: Preparing Pulses Instructions.
  6. Visit the Weston A. Price Foundation for sound nutritional information.

For more information on gut healing, visit our website devoted to the GAPS Diet. Call us for a full assessment of your diet and health challenges.


  1. Spend a minimum of one hour outdoors daily without sunscreen. It is important that your skin receive UV rays from the sun to form the immune-enhancing hormone Vitamin D. However, if you are fair-skinned increase your daily exposure gradually. Begin with ten minutes a day and increase as you are able. Do not allow yourself to become red. Also, the inclusion of healthy fats (unrefined cod liver oil, coconut oil, and X-factor butter oil) daily will support the integrity of the skin and allow you to enjoy more direct sunshine without the downside of a sunburn. To offer protection, apply coconut oil or shea butter on the skin.
  2. Dinner by 7 and lights dim thereafter. Allow your eye to perceive darkness. If you must be on the computer, utilize tools like and Gunnar glasses.
  3. Regular bedtime by 9 or 10 at the latest. For those that have trouble staying asleep, address possible blood sugar dys-regulation by having a snack of raw cheese and butter before retiring to bed. If this does not quickly resolve your sleep problems, eliminate wine and alcohol. If you still continue to be able to have restful sleep, give us a call for support.
  4.  Above all, forgive others and yourself. Do not take anger and resentment with you to bed.

Additional Thoughts

  1. Address any signs of hormonal imbalances early through natural hormone balancing. Signs of imbalance include irregular periods, heavy bleeding and/or cramping, endometriosis, unexplainable weight gain or loss, depression, anxiety, mood swings, frequent urination, impotence, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, and night sweats. If needed, we can help you achieve hormonal balance naturally.

As a whole, the steps one can take to minimize the risk of cancer will enhance one’s quality of life and allow one to lead a more happy, productive life. Real food doesn’t cost. It pays. We at Biodynamic Wellness are here to help you achieve optimal health. Give us a call if we can be of help.


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