Lifestyle Considerations to Improve Your Health: Daily Habits


Welcome to part 1 of our Lifestyle Considerations Series! To help you improve your overall health, we’ll offer some specific changes you can make to your daily habits, your home and all of your cleaning and personal care products. Please know that these recommendations should be taken on slowly so as not to be too overwhelming.

Here’s the easiest way begin implementing these changes:

  • Commit to 2 changes per month. Once you’ve made it through the whole month and established 2 new habits, move on to the next two.
  • Replace your current products as they run out. Don’t feel the need to throw out and replace your whole cleaning or makeup supply. Once your window cleaner runs out, replace it with one from our recommended brand list. Once your shampoo runs out, make sure you replace it with one without the “avoid” ingredients and/or from our preferred brand list.

Here are our recommendations for daily habits to help support a healthy lifestyle:


To read our lifestyle considerations for your household items, click here, and to read our lifestyle considerations for your personal items, click here.


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