Nutritional Consultations

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We appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your quest for improving your health through sound, balanced nutrition. It is our desire to help you in achieving your goals for optimum health.

We will support you in your efforts to take responsibility for your health through education and guidance in the areas of nutrition, lifestyle modifications and biotherapeutic drainage to assist the body in eliminating toxins.

Our Nutritional Consultation Services Include:

  • In-office, phone and video chat consultations for nutritional therapy, detoxification plans and personalized GAPS™ programs
  • Individual nutritional assessment and lifestyle consulting

Our Nutritional Consultation Tools Include:

  • Detailed client history via written intake form and lengthy personal interview
  • Blood chemistry analysis, optional
  • Comprehensive three-day stool analysis, optional
  • Salivary hormone testing, optional
  • Hair mineral analysis, optional
  • Other specialty testing analysis available

Our Nutritional Consultation Fee Schedule Includes:

Initial Consultation

During our first visit, we will discuss your current and past health, your family medical history and your goals. Bring any supplements you are currently taking as well as recent lab results. Your initial visit will be approximately 1½ to 2 hours. A protocol will be designed specifically for you according to your unique needs. Often times due to the client’s desire for more comprehensive guidelines, a second 30-60 minutes appointment may be scheduled within one week of the initial appointment. At the second visit, we will discuss in greater detail dietary and lifestyle recommendations, suggested nutritional supplementation and possible drainage remedies.

Initial Consultation Pricing: $380

Follow-up Visits

Shorter follow-up visits will be for the purpose of assessing your progress and adjusting your protocol according to your health needs. Initially, follow-up visits are recommended once or twice monthly. We suggest a one-hour appointment at the three-month mark in order to more thoroughly assess your progress through a nutritional exam and lengthier discussion.

The length of your follow-up appointments will depend upon your needs. If you are diligently following the recommended program for you and progressing well, the follow-up appointments need only be 30 minutes in length. During these 30-minute appointments certain monitors may be done and any fine-tuning of your nutritional protocol adjustments will be made.

Follow-up Visits Pricing (office, phone, video chat or email consultations):

  • 15-minutes $55 ( upon approval)
  • 30-minutes $90
  • 45-minutes $130
  • 60-minutes $165

Lab Review Follow-Up Pricing:

  • 30-minutes + Lab Review $130
  • 45-minutes + Lab Review $165
  • 60-minutes + Lab Review $220

Email Policy

Brief questions can be addressed on the phone or via email as our schedule permits if they are limited to one or two sentences and can be answered in one or two sentences. Phone consults and emails lasting beyond this will be billed according to our fee schedule. We would love to be more available by phone but due to the scope of our practice, this is not possible. It is always best to schedule regular phone, video chat or office consults.

Cancellation Policy

Your body and its progress toward health respond best when your commitment is acknowledged and reinforced through keeping your scheduled appointments.

As courtesy, you will be given a reminder text or email the day prior to your appointment. If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, we ask you to please notify the office 24 hours prior to your scheduled time or you will be charged for the appointment time that you scheduled.

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