Lab Work Analysis

Announcing a new client service – Lab Work Analysis!

Available to new clients with lab results from within the last 3 months, this $140 service is designed to provide the tools you need to optimize your health from home, on your schedule. Our experienced health practitioners will analyze your lab work and prepare a 90 day plan to support your health goals.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. After you purchase your lab analysis through our website, you will be directed to complete two additional steps:
    1. “Schedule” yourself.  This requires the creation of a MindBody password.  You may choose your practitioner based on preference and/or availability.  Please remember this is the date on which your practitioner will review your file, not an actual consultation time, so don’t be concerned if that time fits in your schedule or not.
    2. Complete your forms.  You will download and complete 4 forms and upload them along with your lab results.
      *You will receive a confirmation of payment via email. This will also contain the links to download the health questionnaires and to upload your lab results if you do not complete this step before exiting the website.
      *If you would prefer to schedule by phone or send your forms in by fax or email, please feel free to call us at 858.259.6000, we are happy to help!
  2. Within one week of your assigned date, your practitioner will send you a 90-day nutritional protocol that will include dietary, supplement and general lifestyle recommendations to support your health goals. You will also receive a price estimate of any recommended supplements.
  3. Once you approve the estimate, your supplements will be shipped to your doorstep and you can begin your new protocol!

*In order to minimize the cost of this service, we do not offer email or phone consults with our practitioners for this particular package. As with our other consultation fees, supplement costs vary and are not included in the $140 service fee.

*To ensure the best possible care, clients with more than 2 medically diagnosed conditions or currently taking more than 2 prescription medications should book a one-on-one consultation, not a lab analysis


For more information and to learn what labs are required, read our Lab Work Analysis FAQ.

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