Products & Ordering

For your convenience, below is a list of our online products and some of the manufacturers we carry. Certain products, such as Standard Process and Biotics, can only be sold to clients under the assessment and care of one of our nutritionists.

Please call us at 858.259.6000 to schedule an appointment if you are not currently a client. Existing clients may email us below to place an order.

Online Products:

  • To purchase our True Sourdough Bread E-Book, click here.
  • To purchase access to any of our previously recorded webinars, click here.

Our Preferred List of Companies:

  • Apex
  • Austin Air Systems
  • BioSuperfood
  • Bio-Kult
  • Biotics Research
  • BodyHealth
  • CHAMP-Pro Plus
  • Environmental Technology
  • evanhealy
  • Genestra
  • Green Pasture Products
  • HMF Probiotics
  • Houston Nutraceuticals
  • Klaire Labs
  • MediHerb
  • Nutri-West
  • NutraMedix
  • Original Quinton
  • Perque
  • Premier Research Labs
  • Pure Indian Foods
  • Standard Process
  • Tallowderm
  • The Synergy Company
  • Thorne Research
  • UNDA
  • V.E. Irons
  • Walkabout Health Products
  • Weed Botanicals
  • Wilderness Family

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