The Philosophy of Dr. Weston A. Price

Real Food Nutrition

Weston A. Price, D.D.S. Photo Copyright Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation All Rights Reserved

Dr. Weston A. Price was a highly respected dentist and dental researcher practicing in the early 1920s. He noticed that certain family lines either had good or poor oral health, regardless of their dental hygiene. Eventually, his curiosity about this gave way to a decade long research trip, covering the entire world where he studied some of the healthiest people groups in history to discover just what it was that made them thrive. What he found was not only the secret to straight teeth, properly developed facial structure and avoidance tooth decay – but the key to overall health and longevity as well.

The secret was real food nutrition replete with fat-soluble vitamins.

From Eskimos and Africans, to isolated tribes in Wales, Switzerland and more, Dr. Price found 14 different indigenous people groups living entirely on whole foods that were natural to their environment. As you can imagine these foods varied greatly depending on the region and climate, but the commonality was that none of the healthy individuals had access to the ‘modern’ foods of the time, which included canned, preserved and denatured foods; along with large amounts of refined vegetable oils, white flour and sugar. Instead their diets consisted of large amounts of animal fats and moderate amounts of protein including seafood, organ meats and raw dairy; as well as nuts, seeds, vegetables (fresh and lacto-fermented), legumes and whole unrefined soaked grains.

South Sea Islanders  courtesy of the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

South Sea Islanders Photo Copyright Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation                           All Rights Reserved

Each of the people groups Dr. Price encountered had excellent health and had not encountered the ailments more commonly found in ‘modern’ cultures including heart disease, infertility, physical deformities, dental malocclusions, dental decay, chronic disease, and mental illness, to name a few. Not surprising, the very lucrative food industry rejected the findings of Dr. Price in order to continue to increase profits, with devastating results. Over the last century the health of Americans has declined sharply with an ever increasing number of people suffering from illnesses, autoimmune diseases, cancer, hypertension, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, mental disorders, infertility and much more.

Obviously, times have changed and so has the health of most people living in industrialized countries. The standards and advice set forth by our government and the food industry are not improving our health. It is time to look to the wisdom of the ancients and return to properly prepared, unadulterated real food. Let us show you how!

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