Sourdough Pancakes Recipe


If you make your own sourdough bread, you’re often faced with the need to throw away some of your excess starter to keep it healthy. This can feel devastatingly wasteful, but your friends can only say “No, we don’t want any starter right now.” so many times!

Instead of sending that extra starter to the trash, repurpose it into something special – pancakes! We can’t think of a more beautiful and thoughtful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a healthier version of your favorite breakfast in bed.

We refer to sourdough pancakes as healthier because the grains used to make them are properly prepared. Ancient people understood that grains needed to be soaked, sprouted, or soured prior to being baked or cooked. This creates grains that are easily digested and enjoyed.

This “proper preparation” assures the following:

  • Phytic acid is neutralized. Grains naturally contain phytic acid, which interferes with mineral absorption.
  • Levels of lectins and tannins are reduced. Both naturally occurring chemicals are irritating and damaging to the digestive tract and can contribute to inflammation of the lining of the small intestine.
  • Cellulose is broken down. Grains in their natural form are difficult for humans to digest because we lack the enzymes and multiple stomachs the majority of grain-eating animals possess. Our ancestors understood this and in their wisdom, employed the strategies of soaking, souring and sprouting their grains before eating them to make these staple foods more digestible and their nutrients more available.

If you don’t yet have your own starter…

Here’s our sourdough starter recipe, and here’s our favorite Sourdough eBook.

This pancake recipe is extremely easy, our favorite way to use your excess sourdough starter and is a yummy way to start your day or celebrate any special occasion.

Hope you enjoy!

Sourdough Pancakes Recipe



  1. Mix starter, egg, baking soda and sea salt in bowl.
  2. Melt coconut oil in frying pan and scoop a spoonful of batter into hot pan.
  3. After pancake begins to bubble, flip to cook the other side until brown.
  4. To serve, add plenty of pastured butter between each cake and top with grade B maple syrup.


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