How to Support Your Immune System During a Virus


Our hearts go out to everyone during this time.  We know this virus is effecting everyone in different ways, whether that means you’re now taking on the role of parent educator for your kids who would usually be in school, that you aren’t sure when or if your next paycheck is coming, you have had to cancel, postpone or dramatically alter celebrations like weddings and graduations, you are constantly worried about your high-risk family members, or you are exhausted from working overtime as part of the “essential” sector. 

No one is untouched by this pandemic.

We hope that in our attempts to carry on “business as usual,” you don’t think us inconsiderate to the way in which this is impacting you.  We will still continue to hold appointments because we believe your health has never been a higher priority. And in the face of having so little we CAN control right now, we want to encourage you and support you to maintain control over your health habits.

We are here for you.

Here are the facts about COVID-19:

  • COVID is a viral pandemic (WHO).
  • The majority of cases are mild (80.9% only report mild, flu like symptoms – ref China CDC).
  • The majority of people recover (3.7% mortality rate of total worldwide confirmed cases – ref John’s Hopkins).
  • Those aged 60+ or older, especially with preexisting conditions are most at risk (ref China CDC).

This means that while the majority of us have no reason to fear the virus, it is our duty as healthy members of the community to respect the preventive measure guidelines and practice good hygiene and social distancing to better protect the members of our community that are at higher risk.

Here is the wisdom we know about fighting a virus:

1. A healthy diet makes a healthy body, and a healthy body is our best defense.

Instead of thinking that you have an immune system, a more appropriate perspective is that you ARE an immune system, or rather that your whole body is an immune alliance. By supporting important organ systems in your body, you support your holistic defense system:

  • Gut Health – Your intestinal immune system (GALT) contains more immune cells than any other organ in your body. Include daily homemade bone broth and lacto-fermented veggies in your diet to keep the intestinal environment strong. Avoid processed food and refined grains and sugars that weaken this system.
  • Adrenal Support – Not only is the stress and panic more taxing on the adrenals, but strong adrenals are essential to a quick and effective immune response. Prioritize stress management techniques, restful sleep, and maintaining a strong blood sugar balance to keep your adrenals strong.
  • Liver Detox – Continuing to keep your liver healthy will lessen the overall toxic burden in your body, which allows the immune system to stay healthy and focused on the real enemy – pathogenic invaders like this novel virus. Drink beet kvass daily and continue weekly castor oil packs and/or coffee enemas to keep your liver strong.

2. Calcium

  • While vitamin C is commonly considered the primary immune nutrient, it cannot work effectively against viruses without calcium. We must have adequate calcium in our tissues to mount a strong immune response to viruses. Raw and cultured dairy, bone broth and dark green leafy veggies provide the most bioavailable sources of calcium.

3. Good Hygiene

  • Wash Your Hands – The CDC recommends washing with soap and water, but hand sanitizers with over 60% alcohol are great alternatives when you are out and about. You don’t need to use antibacterial soap in this current situation because we are dealing with a virus, not a bacteria. We like these brands: EO Hand SanitizerdoTERRA Sanitizing Mist or make your own with this recipe.
  • Keep Surfaces Clean – Though the CDC has yet to confirm a case of transmission via an infected surface, they also state that the virus may remain viable for hours to days on a variety of surfaces. We love Branch Basics as a safe cleaning option.
  • Keep the Air Clean – The primary spread of this virus is through respiratory droplets. The Austin Air filter includes a HEPA filter that filters out the same size particle as the approved N95 respirator face masks being used for health care workers to limit the exposure to this virus. Austin Air Purifiers are available through our office.

Here are our tools to fight a virus:

All of the following tools are available through our office.

General Wellness

  • Adrenal and Immune Support – We love Adrenal Tonic or Cataplex ACP as dual purpose supplements.
  • Probiotic – We carry Just Thrive, Klaire Labs, HMF Forte as well as probiotics for infants and children.
  • Cod Liver Oil – We carry Green Pastures and Standard Process.

Immune Support

  • General Immune Support – Immuplex, 2-4 per day
  • Viral Immune Support – Cataplex C, Calcium Lactate, and Cataplex F
  • Acute Immune Support – Congaplex and Andrographis
  • Acute Viral Support – Add either Viranon or St. John’s Wort to the above protocol.
  • Contact your practitioner or call the office to set up a free 10-minute consultation to discuss the products and doses appropriate for you.

Other Tools

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