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Cilantro Pesto Recipe

Move over basil and make way for cilantro! This pesto recipe uses cilantro and not only tastes amazing on pastured beef, lamb, poultry, wild caught fish and veggies, but it’s also a gentle food-based way to detoxify from toxic metals. Cilantro is not just a culinary staple, but it has long been touted for its … Learn More

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Healthy Peach Crisp Dessert Recipe

Fresh, in-season fruit is one of the best parts of summer!  Take advantage of nature’s sweetness with this delicious grain-free peach crisp recipe made with only natural sugars.

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Non-Toxic Craft Recipes: Paint, Playdough, Slime & Bubbles

You’ve heard us say before that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body, particularly when we’ve talked about personal care products and sunscreen. When it comes to getting creative (and messy!) with your kids, you’ll also want to be just as careful to limit their … Learn More

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Sourdough Pancakes Recipe

If you make your own sourdough bread, you’re often faced with the need to throw away some of your excess starter to keep it healthy. This can feel devastatingly wasteful, but your friends can only say “No, we don’t want any starter right now.” so many times! Instead of sending that extra starter to the … Learn More

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Favorite Salad Dressing

Summer time is the perfect time to enjoy fresh raw salads topped with our favorite homemade salad dressing. A tasty salad dressing can make any raw salad standout. This dressing will do just that. It’s also delicious over a warm cooked greens salad during cooler weather. Filled with fresh ingredients, ideally organically sourced, this dressing adds … Learn More

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Liver Pate’: The Tasty Way to Enjoy Liver

To quote our friend, Monica Corrado at Simply Being Well, “A paté is a sauté that is puréed with extra graisse.” Graisse is fat. As in fat-soluble rich, raw cholesterol-laden, nutrient-dense animal fat. Yes, butter, ghee, cream, duck fat, tallow, lard and egg yolks. Those highly valued sacred foods esteemed by our ancestors around the … Learn More

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