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We are dedicated to helping others through education and consulting in the areas of nutrition and lifestyle choices. We believe that individuals are best physically nourished by nutrient-dense real food.  At Biodynamic Wellness we embrace the principles of Dr. Weston A. Price and those taught by the Weston A. Price Foundation.  Optimal health comes through real food, nutritional therapy when needed, the adopting of healthy lifestyle practices and the proper addressing of stress negatively impacting one’s mind and spirit. Our goal is to provide an environment where these areas of need can be well supported and where each person we serve will have the opportunity to experience their best potential for wellness.

Our Philosophy

The human body has been designed with an amazing capacity for self-regulation and self-healing. The body is constantly working to be at ease. If we pay attention to its signals and provide true nourishment for the body, mind and spirit, it will serve us well during our time on earth.

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Next Best to Breast Milk: Homemade Infant Formulas

When it comes to feeding your baby, breast milk is ideal for a myriad of reasons. Breast milk is rich in all the nutrients needed for growing strong and healthy babies. These include raw cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K2 and E along with B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and the whole range of minerals and trace minerals. High in omega-3 fatty acids, which includes EPA and DHA, and appropriate levels of omega-6 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats.

But for those times, such as adoption or inadequate breastmilk supply, we believe that homemade raw milk or liver-based baby formula is the best nutrition-dense option and allows mothers to avoid feeding their babies the toxic ingredients found in commercial formula. Most commercial formulas contain 50% sugar, primarily from corn syrup, GMO corn and soy, lacks the high level of raw cholesterol found in breast milk and other critical fats for proper development. Commercial formula is also devoid of beneficial bacterial for a healthy gut and immune system and lacks enzymes that play a very important role in digestion.

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What to Do About Carrageenan?

Very few topics in life exude as much emotion as food. And in the real food world, the subject of carrageenan (pronounced “kar-uhgee-nuh n”) is one that fosters a range of emotions and confusion. We receive questions weekly regarding the safety of carrageenan, and so I will share our opinion regarding this subject, in hopes of clearing some of the confusion.

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College Cafeteria Survival… and Other Health Supporting Tips  

college students cafeteriaMoving from the comfort and familiarity of home onto a college campus can feel like taking your first steps all over again, into the formative years of adulthood. Gone are the days of regular home-cooked meals and Mom’s gentle but constant reminders to eat a balanced diet. Now, miles from home, you must choose for yourself from the often dismal choices in the college cafeteria. Amidst the chaos of moving into a new place, becoming acquainted with new people, new routines, and endless new information, there seems little room for remembering Mom’s advice. Now, you face the dilemma of convenient choices vs. healthy ones. Now, you face surviving the college cafeteria.

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Raw Milk & Liver Shake

rawmilklivershakeLooking for a simple and tasty way to add liver to your diet? Try our delicious and nutrient-packed raw shake. Liver is teeming with fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K2, along with vitamins B6, B12 and C and vital minerals such as zinc, copper, cobalt, magnesium and iron. When made with raw milk, kefir or yogurt, this shake offers a healthy dose of calcium along with the many other minerals. It’s a perfect pre and post-workout shake. We also use it often for those with infertility and PMS challenges. Give it a try. Children love this shake!

2 to 4 ounces raw organic cream* or coconut cream (Artisana coconut cream)
3 to 6 ounces raw milk or kefir or yogurt, if desired* (or coconut milk or whole milk yogurt)
1 cup berries or other fruit, fresh or frozen
2-3 raw organic egg yolks
1 tablespoon or more raw liver, frozen for at least 14 days prior to use
1 teaspoon raw honey
1 tablepsoon organic, unrefined coconut oil

Place all ingredients in blender or food processor and process until well blended. Enjoy!

*People following the GAPS™ Diet should omit raw cream. Instead use sour or piima cream if you are on the GAPS™ Diet. Ideally raw or sour/piima cream is best for supporting hormone health. Cultured cream may be made from viili, piimä and filmjölk cultures (all mesophilic cultures, room temperature cultures). Cultures may be purchases online from Cultures for Health.

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Beach Days are Here! Be Wise with Your Skin

baby at beachBy now most people understand that the majority of sunscreens on the market contain toxic ingredients that are best avoided. We also know that our skin needs moderate exposure to the sun in order to make adequate vitamin D, so vital to hormone, immune and bone health. But what about those days like the 4th of July when you plan to be outdoors all day until the sun sets?

Start by taking in adequate dietary fats through following a traditional Weston A. Price diet full of raw dairy products, animal fats like butter and coconut oil. And especially during the winter months, include a daily dose of cod liver oil. Call us at 858.259.6000 for a 10-minute complimentary consult if you have questions about the best supplemental fats and oils for you and your family. Expose yourself gradually to the sun each day, allowing a nice tan to emerge. And for those days when you will be out for extended hours, please see Our Favorites List for our sunscreen recommendations or use our homemade sunscreen recipe for a DIY alternative. Enjoy the sun in a safe way. Happy 4th of July all!

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Vitamin D: What it Is, Why you Need It, and Why any Supplement Won’t Do

This article was written by Anna Penick, NTP, CGP as a guest blog on our client and friend, Carrie Vitt’s blog, Deliciously Organic

sunrise-on-meadowIn the last 10 years, vitamin D has moved to the forefront as one of the most talked about nutrients. With more and more studies confirming that vitamin D may play a role in preventing a number of illnesses (including some cancers), in addition to improving various health conditions – many are rushing to their local supermarket to buy the vitamin and add it to their daily regimen or spending that “10 minutes each day in the sunshine’ recommended by various blogs and doctors. Unfortunately, neither of these is likely to actually improve one’s vitamin D levels, and low quality supplements will do more harm than good.

What is Vitamin D?
Ironically, vitamin D isn’t a vitamin at all but is rather a steroid hormone responsible for a number of processes in the body, ranging from regulating mineral absorption, to disease prevention and gene expression. While there are five forms of vitamin D, I will be covering the two most important which are D2, and D3. Continue reading

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